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We always work as a well-coordinated team.

Our DNA consists of 77 experienced, proven and crisis-ready managers. Projects are always managed by one of our partners; building on trust, we bear the responsibility. We can take charge of the entire company through a general management arrangement. We not only resolve the crisis, but also look into development and foreign expansion, new distribution channels and markets. We are capable of implementing a scalable ADS system (Anti-Defraudation System).

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BL4U – TOP MANAGEMENT crisis managed companies








TOP positions previously staffed by our BL4U crisis manager


  • Provident Financial s.r.o. (Public Relations Manager for Czech Republic and Slovak Republic)

  • Česká spořitelna a.s. (Senior Purchasing Specialist)

  • ČSOB (Segment Design Director for Retail Clients, SME Segment Director)

  • Komerční banka, a.s. (Analyst – Defaulted Debts)

  • UniCredit Bank (Purchasing and Banking Service Manager)

  • MONETA Bank a.s. (Purchasing Manager)

  • TRINITY Finance s.r.o. (Managing Director)

  • AEGON Pojišťovna a.s. (Chief Financial Officer)

  • Česká podnikatelská pojišťovna a.s. (Chief Financial Officer)

  • Santander Consumer Finance a.s. (Head of Department)

  • Loomis Czech Republic a.s. (Technical and Project Manager)

  • Aston Group, s.r.o. (Chief Financial Officer, Partner)

  • NN/ING Group SK (Sales Director)

  • HOME CREDIT FINANCE (HCF) (Chief Financial Officer)

  • KBC Banka a.d. (Chief Operating Officer – Sales and Distribution)



  • Mall Group a.s. (Chief Executive Officer, Head of Purchasing)

  • Aristocrat Technologies (International Trade Manager)

Electrical Engineering:

  • Canon CZ s.r.o. (Head of Direct Sales)

  • XEROX Czech Republic s.r.o. (Division Director, Marketing Manager)

  • Philips Hungary Ltd. (Chief Executive Officer, Division Director)

  • ROHDE & SCHWARZ závod Vimperk s.r.o. (Head of HR)

  • Kappenberger + Braun GmbH & Co. KG (Corporate Agent)

Food manufacturers:

  • Danone a.s. (Technical Director)

  • Drůbež Vysočina spol. s.r.o. (Chief Executive Officer)

  • Kofola a.s. (Chief Executive Officer and Chairman of Board of Directors)

  • Intersnack a.s., (CZ and SK) (Chief Financial Officer and Chairman of Board of Directors)

  • AG Foods a.s. (Sales Director)

  • Shanghai Maling (CZ) a.s. (Member of Board of Directors)

  • Molson Coors Europe s.r.o. (Chief Operating Officer for CZ, SK, HU)

  • Anheuser-Busch InBev Czech s.r.o. (Sales Director for Pivovary Staropramen)

  • PIVOVAR MORAVIA (Sales Director)

  • Schreiber Foods Inc. (Chief Operating Officer, Supply Chain Director Europe)

  • Danone, a.s. (Chief Operating Officer CZ/SK, Member of company steering committee)

  • Ústecké pivovary a.s. (Chief Financial Officer)

  • AG FOODS GROUP a.s. (Chief Executive Officer, Member of Board of Directors)

  • Johann Kotányi, spol. s r.o. (Chief Executive Officer, Executive)

  • Nestlé Česko s.r.o. (Managing Director, Member of Board of Directors)

  • ALIMPEK spol. s r.o. (Sales Director)

  • ODKOLEK a.s., (Director of industrial bakery)


  • Megatech Industries (Executive, Member of Board of Directors)

  • BRANO GROUP a.s. (Chief Executive Officer)

  • Cemm Thome SK spol. s.r.o. (Plant Director, Managing Director)

  • Tenneco CA Czech Republic s.r.o. (Programme Manager)

  • F.X. Meiller Slaný s.r.o. (Executive)

  • Grammer Automotive CZ s.r.o. (Logistics Manager)

  • Kaufmännischer Leiter, KWD Bohemia s.r.o. (Corporate Agent, Chief Financial Officer)

  • Tawesco Automotive s r.o. (Executive)

  • Honeywell Aerospace s.r.o. (Chief Financial Officer CZ and DE)

  • Lloyd Electric & Engineering Ltd. (HR Manager)

  • Brzdové automobilové kotouče s.r.o. (Chief Executive Officer)

  • Johnson Controls Inc. (HR Director)

  • Iveco Czech Republic, a. s. (Network Development Manager Central and Eastern Europe)

  • Demoautoplast s.r.o. (Chief Financial Officer)

  • TRW Automotive Czech s.r.o. (Global Programme Manager)

  • ERT Automotive Bohemia s.r.o. (Chief Financial Officer)

Sales (Wholesale/Retail):

  • Lidl Česká Republika v.o.s. (Control Manager)

  • Baumax Česko s.r.o. (Regional Director, Head of Internal Division, Market Director)

  • ELECTRO WORLD (WHOLESALE) k.s. (Chief Operating Officer)

  • Tesco Stores ČR a.s. (Chief Financial Officer)

  • Papirius s.r.o. (Executive)

  • KORONA CZ s.r.o. (Business Owner Representative)

  • Kwesto s.r.o. (Executive)

  • UVEX SPORTS s.r.o. (Executive)

  • Salewa Czech, Slovakia s.r.o. (Chief Executive Officer)

  • Zepter International s.r.o. (Chief Executive Officer Czech Republic, Slovakia)

  • Rossmann, spol.s.r.o. (Chief Operating Officer)

  • Robert Bosch odbytová s.r.o. (Sales Agent, Sales and Strategic Purchasing Manager)

  • Levneletenky.cz, s.r.o. (Executive)

  • Wolseley s.r.o. (Chief Financial Officer, Chief Executive Officer)

  • Minova Bohemia s.r.o. (Chief Financial Officer and Economic Director)

  • Rodamco ČR s.r.o. (Chief Operating Officer CZ/SK)

  • ExxonMobil, Esso s.r.o. (Sales Support Director)

  • Marylance Property Management a.s. (Chief Operating Officer)

  • MAKRO Cash & Carry ČR s.r.o. (Head of Food Department)

  • Meritor s.r.o. (Plant Director)

  • Fastra s.r.o. (Director of International Trade)


  • Megafyt Pharma s.r.o., Europlant s.r.o. (Chief Operating and Financial Officer)

  • MEDICON a.s. (Chief Financial Officer)

  • ZENECA (CZ) s.r.o. (Chief Financial Officer, Executive)

  • Exeltis Czech s.r.o. (Sales Director)

  • Abbott Laboratories s.r.o. (Sales Manager)

  • SLOVENSKÉ LIEČEBNÉ KÚPELE PIEŠŤANY, a.s., (Chief Financial Officer)

  • COLOPLAST A/S (Sales Agent, Country Manager)

  • Walmark a.s. (Chief Executive Officer CZ and SK)

  • Neovize Group s.r.o. (Group Chief Financial Officer)


  • BISNODE Česká republika a.s. (Chief Executive Officer Czech Republic and Slovakia, Member of Board of Directors)

  • NEWTON Media, a.s. (Chief Executive Officer, Member of Board of Directors)

  • Top Tank s.r.o. (Sales Manager)

  • NET and GAMES a.s. – Kajot (Group Chief Financial Officer)

  • AQUATEST a.s. (Chief Operating Officer)

  • EKOSYSTEM spol. s r.o. (Chief Executive Officer)

  • Global Trade Systems s.r.o. (Chief Financial Officer)

  • AdsPro Group a.s. (Chief Executive Officer, Chief Financial Officer)

  • HELVET GROUP a.s. (Managing Director, Chief Financial Officer)

  • Tezis s.r.o. (Executive)

  • McCoy & Partner spol. s.r.o. (Chief Executive Officer, Chief Financial Officer)

  • Unique Brands Europe a.s. (Chief Executive Officer, Chief Financial Officer)

  • UMD Network a.s. (Sales Director)

  • Fraikin Česká republika, s.r.o. (Country Manager, Chief Operating Officer)

  • G4S Cash Solutions, a.s. (Chief Financial Officer)

  • Česká pošta s.p. (Head of Asset Management and Central Purchasing Division)

  • BVV-Veletrhy Brno, a.s. (Vice-Chairman of Board of Directors)

IT/IS, telecommunications:

  • IBM Česká republika spol. s r.o. (Client Unit Manager)

  • Siemens Nixdorf Informační systémy s.r.o. (Economic Manager)

  • O2 Czech Republic a.s. (Chief Financial Officer, HR Director)

  • Alcatel-Lucent Czech s.r.o. (Chief Executive Officer)

  • Unicorn a.s. (Head of Research and Development Division, Project Manager)

  • Blueberry s.r.o. (Chief Executive Officer)

  • KNÜRR s.r.o. (Company Director, Logistics Manager)

  • BoldBrick s.r.o. (Head of Sales and Supplies)

  • Capgemini Czech Republic s.r.o. (Head of Financial Sector)

  • ČESKÝ TELECOM, a.s. (Division Director)FTV Prima, spol. s.r.o. (Managing

  • Director)

  • Vegacom a.s. (Group Chief Financial Officer)

  • T-Mobile (Vice-President Corporate Affairs and Member of Management)

  • Gemma Systems, spol. s.r.o. (Executive and company co-founder)

  • Mafra a.s. (Chief Financial Officer and Vice-Chairman of Board of Directors)

  • Live Telecom a.s. (Country Manager)

  • Nordic Telecom (Sales Director)


  • Frigomont a.s. (Production Manager)

  • Knoflíkářský průmysl Žirovnice a.s. (Chief Financial Officer, Member of Board of Directors)

  • J.P. Plast s.r.o. (Chief Financial Officer)

  • Techo a.s. (Executive, Director of Foreign Branches)

  • Alfaplastik a.s. (Plant Director)

  • Standridge Color Corporation Czech s.r.o. (Company Director, Corporate Agent)

  • Kelvion s.r.o. Director, Executive, Member of Board of Directors)

  • Telegärtner Slovakia a.s. (Plant Director, Chairman of Board of Directors)

  • FCT Electronic Ltd. (Chief Executive Officer)

  • Galvanovna s.r.o. (Executive)

  • Adast Systems a.s. (Division Director, Head of Sales)

  • FRAENKISCHE CZ s.r.o. (Head of HR)

  • Mann + Hummel (CZ) v.o.s. (Human Resources Director Europe, Head of Human Resources)

  • Lear Corporation CZ. s.r.o. (Quality Manager)

  • De Heus a.s. (Chief Financial Officer Czech Republic and BRA)

  • Gold-Crystal s.r.o. (Chief Financial Officer)

  • Engel strojírenská spol. s r.o. (Head of Sales and Logistics)

  • JNR s.r.o. (Chief Executive Officer)

  • Troax CZ s.r.o. (Head of Business Unit)

  • FENESTRA WIEDEN s.r.o. (Chief Financial Officer)

  • Somfy, spol. s.r.o. (Director Czech Republic and Slovakia, Executive)

  • Viadrus a.s. (Technical Director, Chief Executive Officer)

  • ELFE, s.r.o. (Chief Executive Officer)

  • OPTAGLIO Limited (Company Director and Member of Board of Directors)

  • MORIS design, s.r.o. (Chief Financial Officer)

  • Ploma a.s. (Chief Executive Officer)

  • Metso Czech Republic s.r.o. (Operations Manager)

  • Copacking Service s.r.o. (Sales Manager)

  • Hayess Lemmerz Czech s.r.o. (Plant Director)

  • Burnsen SK a.s. (Chief Executive Officer, Member of Board of Directors)

  • Ritchy Group Ltd. (Group Chief Financial Officer, Chief Operating Officer Europe)

  • Deceuninck spol. s.r.o. (Chief Financial Officer, member of CEE broader management)

  • Ingersoll-Rand CZ s.r.o. (Supply Chain and Logistics Director)

  • Unex a.s. (Director of Restructuring, Quality and Process Development)

  • REHAU s.r.o. (Production Plant Director and Executive)

  • IDEAL Automotive Bor s.r.o. (Production Plant Director)

  • DI Industrial s.r.o. (Chief Executive Officer)

  • Kronospan CR spol. s.r.o. (Key Account Manager, Product Manager)

  • Haas & Czjzek 1792 a.s. (Chief Executive Officer)

  • DIRAC Industries s.r.o. (Chief Executive Officer)

  • Ecotex s.r.o. (Sales Manager for Foreign Markets)

  • Carrier chladicí technika CZ s.r.o. (Head of Purchasing and Logistics)

  • Philip Morris ČR a.s. (Director Corporate Affairs and Member of Board of Directors)

  • LINET spol. s r.o. (Country Manager Greater China / CEO Asia Pacific, Slaný/Šanghaj, Regulatory Affairs Manager)

  • Kavalierglass, a.s. (Head of Sales Department)

  • Danzer Bohemia-Dýhárna s.r.o. (Chief Financial Officer)


  • Kovosvit MAS a.s. (Production Base Director)

  • ABB Energo, s.r.o. (Head of Quality Department)

  • ČKD Blansko Strojírny, a.s. (Chief Executive Officer)

  • Bonatrans Group a.s. (Investment Director)

  • Škoda TS a.s. (Production Manager)

  • ITW / INSTRON Ltd. (Purchasing/Director Central and Eastern Europe)

  • Česká zbrojovka a.s. (Member of Board of Directors and Sales Director,

  • Member of Board of Directors and President CZ, USA)

  • PAPCEL, a.s. (Managing Director, Production and Logistics Director)

  • Dongshin CE s.r.o. (Chief Executive Officer and Founder)

  • Schäfer-Sudex s.r.o. (IBC and Special Containers Sales Manager)

Fast moving consumer goods:

  • Oriflame (Chief Executive Officer, Regional Marketing Director)

  • TIENS (Czech Republic) s.r.o. (Director General Europe)

  • Lidl Česká republika, v.o.s. (Chief Financial Officer CZ and SK)

  • Delmart s.r.o. (Finance Manager)


  • Machstav s.r.o. (Process/Sales Director)

  • Safe B. V. s.r.o. (Chief Operating Officer CZ, SK, PL)

  • HARSCO Infrastructure s.r.o. (Managing Director Czech Republic and Slovakia, Executive)

  • PERI spol. s r.o. (Project Engineer)

  • Bilfinger MCE Slaný, s.r.o. (Executive)

  • Thermomont s.r.o. (Partner, Managing Director)


  • CD Cargo Germany GmbH (Member of Supervisory Board)

  • SWARCO TRAFFIC CZ s.r.o. (Sales Director)

  • Czech Republic Ministry of Defence (Head of Strategy Department)

  • ELTODO dopravní systémy s.r.o. (Director of Sales and Marketing)

  • Crown Worldwide Group (Chief Financial Officer)

  • UNIPETROL DOPRAVA, a.s. (Technical Director)


  • ČEZ, a.s. (Investment Director, Controlling)

  • UNIPETROL, a.s. (Chief Financial Officer)

  • Innogy Energie, s.r.o. (Chief Financial Officer)

  • I&C Energo a.s. (Division Director, Head of Purchasing)

  • Teplárna Liberec a.s. (Member of Board of Directors)

  • Teplárna Trmice a.s. (Chief Financial Officer and Member of Board of Directors)

  • Energie Holding a.s. (Vice-Chairman of Board of Directors)

  • Black&Bush, s.r.o. (Chief Financial Officer, Chief Operating Officer)

  • Alpiq Zlín s.r.o. (Managing Director, Executive)

  • ČEZ ENERGOSERVIS spol. s r.o. (Vice-Chairman of Board of Executives and Head of Finance and Administration Department)

  • ČEZ ESCO a.s. (SME Sales Unit Manager, B2B Acquisition Department Manager)

  • MARTIA a.s. (Chief Executive Officer and Chairman of Board of Directors)

  • ALPIQ AG (Sales Director, Corporate Agent)

  • MERO ČR a.s., (Chairman of Board of Directors, Chief Executive Officer)

  • Unipetrol Rafinérie, a.s. (Chief Executive Officer)

  • E.ON Česká republika, s.r.o. (Head of Sales and Operation Promotion)

We cover the entire market spectrum

We operate in all industries and in the services sector. That makes us the first choice for all participants in crisis situations, namely business owners, banks, suppliers, crisis investors and consultancy and legal companies. The fact that we are able to assess projects from all perspectives allows us to better anticipate the situation and coordinate our next steps and decisions.

  • in a growth crisis or at risk of bankruptcy
  • consultancy companies

  • audit firms

  • legal offices and practices

  • tax and financial consultants